President Hadi announced the formation of a new government

Press Statement

Attribute statement to the Government of Yemen:


President Hadi announced the formation of a new government:


1.       The Honorable, Khaled Mahfoudh Abdullah Bahah, Prime Minister (Chairman of the Ministerial Council.);
2.       Engineer, Abdullah Muhsin alAkwa, Minister of Electricity;
3.       Ahmed Mohammed alKohlani, Minister of State for the affairs of the Parliament (Upper House of Representatives) and the Shura Council (Lower House of Representatives.);
4.       Engineer, Fareed Ahmed Mujawar, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation;
5.        Ahmed Mohammed Luqman, Minister of Civil Service and Insurance;
6.       Muammar Mutahar alEryani, Minister of Tourism;
7.       Mohammed Saeed alSaadi (PHD), Minister of Industry and Commerce;
8.       Abdulrazak Yahya alAshwal (PHD), Minister for Technical Education and Vocational Training;
9.       Mohammed Ahmed alMikhlafi (PHD), Minister for Legal Affairs;
10.     Mohammed Mansour Ali Zemam (PHD), Minister of Finance;
11.     Ambassador,  Mohammad Abdullah AlSaidi, Minister of Foreign Affairs;
12.     Major General, Mahmoud Ahmed Salim alSubaihi, Minister of Defense;
13.       Major General, Jalal Ali Bin Ali alRowaishan, Minister of Interior;
14.     Professor, Mohammed Bin Mohammed Yahya alMutahar (PHD), Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research;
15.     Engineer, Alawi Mohamed Abdulkadir Bafakih, Minister of Expatriate Affairs;
16.     Ms. Nadia Abdulaziz alSaqqaf, Minister of Information (Media);
17.     Abdulraqeeb Fath alAswadi, Minister for Local Administration;
18.     Engineer, Mohammed Abdullah Bin Nabhan, Minister of Oil and Minerals;
19.     Professor, Mohamed Abdelwahed alMaitami (PHD), Minister of Planning and International Cooperation;
20.     Engineer, Lutfi Mohammed Salem Basharif, Minister of Communications and Information Technology;
21.     Professor, Abdullatif Hussain Haidar alHakimi (PHD), Minister of Education;
22.     Dr. Reyadh Yassin Abdullah, Minister of Public Health and Population;
23.     Rafat Mohammed Ali alAkhali, Minister of Youth and Sports;
24.     Ms. Gabul Mohammed Abdulmalik alMutawakil, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor;
25.     Engineer, Wahi Taha Aman, Minister of Public Works and Roads.
26.  Professor, Azzi Hebatullah Ali Shareem (PHD), Minister of Water and Environment;
27.     Engineer, Badr Mohammed Mubarak Basalmah, Minister of Transportation;
28.     Ms. Arwa Abdo Othman, Minister of Culture;
29.     Professor, Khaled Omar Abdullah BaJunaid, Minister of Justice;
30.     Fahad Salem Kaffen (PHD), Minister of Fisheries;
31.     Ezzedine Said Ahmed alAsbahi, Minister for Human Rights;
32.      Fouad Omar bin Ali bin Sheikh Abubakar (PHD), Minister of Endowments and Guidance;
33.     Ghalib Abdullah Massad Mutlaq, Minister of State for the Implementation of National Dialogue Outcomes;
34.     Hassan Mohammed Zeid, Minister of State, member of the Cabinet;
35.     Ms. Samirah Khamis Obeid (PHD), Minister of State, member of the Cabinet;
36.     Mohammad Musa alAmiri (PHD), Minister of State, member of the Cabinet;