The official position on the recent developments on the national scene

The official position on the recent developments on the national scene


Especially after climbing initiated by a group “Ansar Allah” last Sunday, which requires the government’s resignation and cancellation of price reforms of petroleum products and the implementation of the outcomes of the national dialogue conference, as follows:


• The President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi is sparing no effort in implementing the national dialogue outcomes based on the Gulf initiative and its mechanism.

• Dialogue is a choice that has been accepted by all political forces to address the crisis facing the country since 2011 and to avoid a civil war, the Gulf initiative and its implementation mechanism was ideal that led a national dialogue conference, the outcomes of this conference trace the path of construction of the modern Yemeni state.

• The president called in his speech on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr to a comprehensive national union that does not exclude anyone based on the following principles:

A republican system and the unity and democratic approach, the results of the national conference is a victory for the Yemeni people and the base of any national union.

The national dialogue and its outcome is the true foundation of the national union to create a modern federal state based su good governance and equality of citizenship.

That the political and social forces declare on their honor to refuse war, to deliver the heavy and medium weapons to the state, to stop incitement and hate speech and treason and blasphemy and religious ethnic and regional discrimination.

Gather all political and social forces in the fight against terrorism and drain its resources and condemn his donors and supporters as it is the greatest threat to the homeland.

Establish a true partnership for all in the administration of the State based on the principles that were agreed in the national dialogue and commitment to work for peaceful political

Continue to work with the political and social forces that have not joined the national dialogue, especially in the south, for a national partnership to address the issue of South cooperation.

To find more effective ways to communicate with the forces of civil society, women and youth who participated in the comprehensive national dialogue conference and have played an important role in its success.

The political and national support to complete the restructuring of the armed and security forces.

To mobilize the energies and potentials for national awareness regarding the results of the national dialogue and prepare for the success of the constitutional referendum process.

• The political and national reconciliation government is committed to implement the of the national agreement of comprehensive national dialogue and to achieve the principle of national partnership on fixed bases and responsible.

• The decision to fix the price of petroleum products is designed to prevent the collapse of the economy in Yemen, the decision was taken after consultation with economists and Yemen as well as our brothers and friends of donors specialists, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, it was also approved unanimously by all political forces in the government of national reconciliation, it was preceded and accompanied by the emission of a package of measures that contribute to realization of economic, administrative and financial reforms and alleviate the suffering of the citizens.

• The President, in an effort to contain the crisis, sent a presidential commission in Saada Saturday August 16, August 20 He requested the formation of a committee to meet with supporters of God chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Communications and Information Technology and composed of representatives of political parties to discuss the situation and he met with members of the Committee and provided the necessary instructions to deal with the situation. The Commission began its work and will hopefully be able to defuse the current crisis.

• This meeting led to the condemnation of violence in all its forms and confirmation of maintaining security, stability and unity of the nation and commitment to achieving a political settlement based on ‘GCC initiative and its implementation and outcomes of the national dialogue and economic reforms in the energy sector and the public service and the fight against corruption mechanism and release the media and political expression of hate speech fueling discord between Yemeni citizens.

• He hoped that priority will be given to the supreme interests of the country in mind and logic, and it confirms that dialogue is the best way to implement all policy issues, away from the pressures and the use of suffering people to achieve political ends. The President also pointed out that the State did not remain inactive in the face of this grave threat that affects all of Yemen and not just the capital Sanaa.