Délivrer, renouveler ou remplacer votre passeport

Renewing a Passport:

  1. You have to present your original old passport and a copy of the Yemeni Identification card. NOTE: Once the new passport is ready, the old passport will be canceled and returned with the new passport to the sender
  2. Fill in the application form, your first name, father’s name, grandfather’s name and Last name where it is required in both English and Arabic. Do not leave any blanks. You can get the Application Form at the consulate.
  3. If you want to correct or change your birth date, you must submit your original birth certificate or an exact colored photocopy of it.
  4. It is very important to include the finger print of your left thumb where it is required. Sign in the space provided next to it.
  5. Transfer  fees for the new passport to the account of the Yemeni Consulate in Frankfort – Germany, according to the following details:

   General Consulate of the Republic of Yemen

   Oederweg 11, 60318 Frankfurt


   IBAN :DE63 5023 4500 0138 6300 01



  1. You must attach 4 recent colored passport size photos with a white background.
  2. If the job title changed, then you have to provide evidence of the new job. IMPORTANT: If you are a Merchant then you  have to provide the following:
    1. Commerce record
    2. Tax Return
    3. Number of Employees


Making a Passport for a child:

  1. Fill in the application as you would for an adult making sure that the child’s name is equivalent to the name that appears on the child’s birth certificate and the father’s name according to the father’s passport.
  2. Present the Father’s passport with the application
  3. Present the child’s birth certificate.


Replacing a Lost Passport:

  1. Fill in the application form, reading the instructions stated above for renewing a passport.
  2. Include a clear photocopy of the old passport.
  3. Include a Yemeni Identification card.
  4. Incluide 4 recent colored passport size photos with a white background
  5. A report from the police about losing the passport must be included.


General Information:

    • The average time for a completed application is between 20 to 40 days.
    • Missing passports on the other hand take up to 3 months as a minimum.
    • The Yemeni Consulate is not responsible for any delays or the rejection of an application that is missing some information or filled out incorrectly.
    • Before sending the passport, we as the sender to keep a photocopy of the old passport.
    • Please send your requests and all your documents to the following address :


Embassy of Yemen -Consulate

Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 114

Belgium, Brussels