Basindwa: Yemen imports 60.000 tons of diesel to tackle shortages

Basindwa: Yemen imports 60,000 tons of diesel to tackle shortages

SANA’A, May 25 (Saba) -Yemen has imported about 60,000 tons of diesel as the country has been facing an acute fuel shortage for more than a month, Premier Mohammed Basindwa said.
At the launch of the 2nd agricultural festival at Sana’a University, Basindwa pointed out that a lot of investors are eying to invest in Yemen in various sectors, but some problems stand as a roadblock to the flow of investments into the country.

Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Fareed Mojawar delivered a speech at the festival on Saturday in which he pointed to the role of the agricultural sector and its contribution to the gross domestic product of around 11%.

He said the statistical indicators show that 63% of the farming households in rural areas have simple properties and, at the national level, households only irrigate 26% of all properties. Almost 31% of rural households produce food used at homes, he added.

Mojawar also said Yemen has got a grant worth $36 million from the Food Security Council and is yet to start implementing the food security project.


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