The Government of Yemen holds the Southern Transitional Council responsible for the armed escalation in the interim capital of Aden

The Government of Yemen holds the Southern Transitional Council responsible for the
armed escalation in the interim capital of Aden, and for its serious consequences that
threaten the security and safety of citizens and security and stability in general.
In its statement, the government reiterated its rejection of the irresponsible actions of the
Southern Transitional Council, which amounted to the use of heavy weapons and the
attempt to storm state institutions and army camps. The government regrets that those
groups refused to spare the city of Aden and its peaceful inhabitants the dangers of slipping
into chaos and fighting that will topple the civil peace and services that have been achieved
during the few years following the liberation of Aden from the grip of the Iranian Houthi
rebel militia.

It also stressed that, by assuming their national responsibilities the government, the army
and security forces are committed to preserving state institutions and safety of citizens.
With the support of all wise and honorable people and the brothers in the coalition, they will
work to address all attempts to harm institutions and individuals. The statement pointed out
that the government is working with the leadership of the coalition to form a committee to
investigate the events in the city of Aden.

The Government renewed its invitation to the leadership of the coalition represented by
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to apply urgent and strong pressure on the
Southern Transitional Council to stop any military movements in the city, and to oblige all
security units and military formations to adhere to the instructions of the security and
military establishment and not to rebel against the state and its institutions.

The government also called on political parties, all political and social actors, all wise people
of Yemen to assume their national responsibility to reject, resist and condemn the calls of
rebellion, war, and irresponsible adventures that, if not stopped, would lead the country into
chaos and drag it into a dangerous slope.

The government said that the country has not yet overcame the consequences of the Houthi
militias coup and rebellion, which led the state institutions and services systems to collapse,
disrupted the public sector salary payments, led the economy to collapse and worsened the
already catastrophic humanitarian crisis. This requires all sensible people to be responsible,
putting reason, wisdom and supreme national interest above everything else in order to
spare the city of Aden and the liberated areas the consequences of any rebellion, civil strife,
chaos or catastrophic repercussions on people and property, which will present a serious
blow to the efforts of the coalition and its mission in Yemen, and is in the interest of no one
but the Houthi coup militia and the Iranian project in the region.